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South african slang, can mean many thing such as; cool, nice, awesome, lit.
Hey yo pierre, how's the party?

Yo you should have come to that bitch, it's so lakka!!🔥🔥
by Yopierre October 08, 2017

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When you let something sit for a minute.
You can't ice the cake right away you gotta let it Senaminit
by moneytrees98 December 16, 2018

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fuck you talking about
“adam you’re the gay one fyta”
“i get no bitches? you’re the ugliest one here fyta”
via giphy
by seantoosaucy June 02, 2018

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Verbally used to describe something that is soft. Instead of saying soft, say "Callie". A slang term.
Yo, that jacket is straight Callie, bro!
by chalicelc June 23, 2018

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Copying off of someone
Stop Meat Munching off of my skills
by Brain_Spitz February 09, 2017

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Main person of interest. He/ she who possess lots of power over others. He/she who does things with finesse. Basically boss with more vowels and one s.
"She wearin dat fit like a bouas."
"Ouuu look at her, flexin on us wit that ring, Ms Bouas over there"
by fake_SKI-MASK April 02, 2019

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n. one who loves or appreciates slang. derivatives: colloquiophilic, colloquiophily, etc.
John is a colloquiophile?

Certainly. John has just now gone to meet his friends at the British Association of Colloquiophilic Pederasts.
by R-Bob McStruthers December 09, 2016

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