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When you you fuck a girl so hard she flys off your dick
I bet he's a good cocket launcher
by Isoeicirheowixiebeifnr July 08, 2017

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A big hairy ginger man. Whom is often fond of the children's tv show the Wiggles. Seen around kids suspiciously quite regularly. Plays a mean banjo and loves a bit of Jojo Siwa.
Ploughman, your a faggot!
by HarlzA October 21, 2018

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An individual that provides any form of sexual gratification for another.
If you want some ball tightening head, Call Rachel. She is an oral servicer.

My hole needs a servicer tonight.

I need a hand servicer to bust this heavy nut.

Ray needs a servicer for his ass. He’s a bottom boy.
via giphy
by Eaton Holgoode February 16, 2018

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National fuck day is on the 2nd of August, This is celebrated by couples around the world by well having sex.. t02/08/12 8 is for the woman's breasts and the 2 is for a penis. National fuck day is celebrated by europians
It's National Fuck day today, lets fuck!
by Heavily world August 02, 2016

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A mouth or vagina
I’m meet this girl named Susan, and the only thing I wanted from her was unlimited access to her Dong Dorm
by Tee Cee Deez February 27, 2019

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"Panda". When a man cum into a woman's eye and punch her in the other at the same time
Guy1: last night was lit! I made her "panda"
Guy2: shit! She must be blind and satisfied!
by The Gary May 11, 2019

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To have sex
(oral, sensual rough, etc)
Keith: gotta go bois

dave: why?
Keith: wife aint gonna bread itself

by gurtrude_pyphagoras666 July 01, 2017

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