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1. A specific sexual, lesbian act
Last night, Hannah and Amandie were scissoring. It sounded fun ;)
by AmigoPatata January 17, 2018

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A girl in a lesbian relationship who is usually a bottom. She likes to recieve rather than give and she is also most likely to stop texting when she sees you're also typing.
You might not want to hook up with Laiana, she just lies there because she's such a pillow princess.
by Sweetmothersappho May 10, 2019

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A woman pretending to be a lezbian and being loud about it.
Stop being a shlez.
I'm a shlez I only act like a lezbian.
by Spudding December 03, 2017

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Two lesbian who are best friends,
Get it? Cuz the bian in lesbian sounds like bean? and besties is short for best friends? Beanies bro!
Yoo you seen Yvonne and Katelyn bro, they used to be just a couple, now they're straight up beanies man!
by Heinzbeans August 01, 2019

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A non-lesbian woman who rejects men by telling them that she is a lesbian.
Woman: I'm a leabian.
Man: Your dating profile says you're straight.
Woman: Exactly.
by NotTheFirstLeabian May 28, 2017

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A slang term for lesbian women.
Look at the fucking clit cuddlers over there.
by Seb'sdeffs January 10, 2018

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Person 1: ur dAd!!1!1

Person 2: ?????

*person 2 goes on urban dictionary*

Person 2: ; - ;
via giphy
by Agust D? May 26, 2018

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