phonetic for f u c k m e. originated from a britney spears song.
love me hate me say what you want about me but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if u seek amy.
by PussandraJones December 13, 2008
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A Yiddish(Jewish) word, traditionally used by Grandmothers, that references children. The modern usage of the word can be extended to any person that is considered darling and close to one's heart. One could go as far as to interchange the word "bubala" for any pet name (i.e.: "Dear", "Darling", "Honey", "Sweetness and Light", "Love Muffin", "Lover", "Snookums", "Baby", "Hot pants", "Boo", "Philly Buns", "Sweet Cheeks", "Mammacita", "Suga'", etc).
"Bubala, I couldn't imagine living without're the best."
"Come here, Bubala, and give Cricket some suga'!"
by Cricktonyte August 03, 2006
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It basically means hoe. It's kinda a more fun way to type it
John: Would you ever date her?
Jack: Nah man, she's a heaux
by Dumb Definer March 21, 2016
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that badum-CHING thing they do on a drum after a joke.
a man walked into a bar. OUCH!

by Shwaggy November 18, 2003
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clothed female & naked males together.
she is having a cfnm party!!
by sticky October 23, 2003
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