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They tryna be crate
They tryna be crate
She wanna meet Carti

That bitch is a Barbie

I'ma fuck these hoes
I'm on 730
Got a brand new pack like Kid Cudi

I smoke dope like Kid Cudi
Push up and get the slugs from me

I'm with all the shits

We pull up with shit

We pull up with, uh

We pull up with sticks,

We pull out the van,

We pull out the shit,

I pull out the .9,

I pull out and blitz,

I pull out the fire,

I pull out wit' six
I'm smokin' out the pound
The bitch can suck my dick
The bitch gonna ride the dick
The bitch get thrown in the pit
Dude Guy: Yo bro, it appears to me that they are indeed tryna be crate
Carti: oh they tryna be crate alright
by Clayboi Parti June 27, 2019
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