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Nolene is a funny, amazing and pretty girl. She will always make you laugh, even if she's feeling blue. Nolene is a great friend to have and is always talkative. She speaks her mind and don't care about others opinion
Boy: is Nolene your friend?
Girl: no, she is my best friend
by Dett.sks August 31, 2017
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Nolene is known for her crazy personality. All the boys are attracted to her thiccc dance moves. She doesn’t give a shit about what others think of her. She gets hella mad if someone messes with her friends, she will most likely confront them right away. Nolenes have brown hair and they are very tall. Nolenes have many friends but she has one or two people that she is most closest to. Most of the time, Nolenes have short best friends...
Boy: Woah check out Nolene
Girl: ikr she is soo thiccc
by HAIII BISH August 15, 2019
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