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To go for something in all forms. Popular in desert racing referring to blasting and jumping all over the place. Is also applied to anything super extreme. Can refer to sexual activities or be used as a motivational phrase.
Pete: Jump doesn't look good, we're probably going to die as soon as we land.
Tom: Don't be such a pussy! GET IT! GET IT!


"Man, did you see Nick turning Katie's pants blue? He was GETTIN IT.
by tehConnor November 18, 2007
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A term used to define a member of the opposite sex that would be seen to be attractive enough to have sexual intercourse with. In many cases this term is applied loosely to any female that a male would 'like to give a poke' (whether it be with or without the influence of 'Beer googles').

"Yeah, she'd definitely get it!"

In the use of the term by a male, 'It' would be the erect male phallacy. i.e. she would 'get it', implies that "she invites my male genitalia''
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 21, 2003
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These two words are a prefix of a wide variety of words in the dialect of people from Hedon, East Yorkshire. They are often used in a forthright way, and are an instruction for someone to do something.
Instruction to a child unwilling to wear a particular garment such as a scarf or balaclava - "Get it worn."
Instruction to a child to finish their tea - "Get it eaten."

Seen scrawled with chalk on a blackboard in a pub in Hedon - Get it Fingered.
by GYUK August 02, 2014
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A phrase used to urge someone/something on in a joking, mildly sarcastic manner. The implication is that what is being attempted is a trivial challenge, an obvious or already chosen course of action, or that the person is excessively frantic or exerting too much effort relative to the task. When spoken at an animal or inanimate object, the implication is an expectation of something about to occur, usually humorous to observe. The phrase is always spoken with "get" in a low tone and "it" with raising tone and volume, sometimes drawn out.
1.) "Dude, you gonna make that traffic light?" "Get IT!"
2.) "Oh no! My bus will be here any minute!" / "Get IT!"
3.) (gritting teeth before exercising with obviously light weights) "Get IT!"
4.) (dog snarling, about to chase its own tail) "Get ITTT!"
by funkgroove February 06, 2008
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it means whatever you want it to mean. it can be an affirmative applause, an insulting criticism, and many things in between.
"She's going to get it with that guy tonight." - She's going to hook up with him.
A teammate could shout, "Get it!" to you when you're fighting for a ball during a game.
"Oh uh, nice outfit.. get it." - a sarcastic compliment, which really means the speaker believes you look ridiculous and wonders what you were thinking that morning.
by elsp November 06, 2008
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The term "getting it" is more of a learned way of "bless you" after you sneeze. Basically this is said when you witness something amazing or extraordinary.
When someone does something like fall and make a butt out of themselves.. u say "get it"
or if you do something awesome.. you say "get it"
1.Paola is stretching with all her might before a run.
Paolo: "Get it Paola!"

2.Paolo is frantically licking a dripping ice cream cone on a hot summer day.
Paola: "Get it Paolo!"

3."Paolo, did you see those Mormans riding their bikes up that hill? They were getting it!" "Yeah Paola, They got it!"
by jules paola poundsand November 06, 2006
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