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Loud But Harmless.

A fart that is rather loud and noisy, yet the odor it produces is not very intense, if at all noticeable. The opposite of an SBD i.e. silent but deadly.
The charismatic Pentecostal preacher's sermon was majorly interrupted when someone in the audience cut loose a massive LBH that reverberated throughout the entire auditorium. The annoyed preacher then yelled at the culprit and demanded him to come on stage and lay on the floor face down so an exorcism can be performed on his buttocks.
by Terminus_Est May 11, 2011
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Loan Boy Hunting
A solo attempt at picking up a girl without the use of a wingman.
Check out all those LBHs on the prowl on student night.
by WWGBFIW March 20, 2015
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(let's be honest) term used to put emphasis or great importance on whatever you are saying at that particular moment. usually the statement it is used in conjunction with is farely accurate and anyone that doesn't listen should be bitch slapped.
LBH, Michael Mcclintock, you heart FUPAS.
by mikes mom December 05, 2005
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LBH is simply a Loose ButtHole. It is used to describe some one that is being a douche and thinking he or she is the shit.
C.J. (Ginger): Yeah well I fucked your mother last night.

Dalton: Is it just me or is C.J. being a LBH?

Travis: Yeah, he definitely needs to tighten up.
by tdecker1023 February 22, 2012
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Lat Brotherhood. Lat being a combination of fat and lame. The LBH aren't really fat & lame, they just try to get people to call them lat/fat/lame as a joke.
Matt is not lat, yet he is the "founder" of the LBH.
by M'tay. February 25, 2010
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