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Kevin is basically the best boyfriend ever. He's understanding, caring, and a great listener. You can act like a five year old with him but also have heart to heart conversations. Kevin has his struggles but always puts other people first. He acts strong but has a tendency to break down and not ask for help. He has the best eyes and personality. He can always manage to make you smile. Kevin is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing guy you will ever meet. It is extraordinarily easy to fall in love with his cute, sweet, and incredible self.
Friend: My boyfriend is so amazing!
Other friend: He must be a Kevin!
by she-justtakessomegluetostay March 25, 2013
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A very handsome fellow that is quite charming yet full of himself. He walks around like hes the shit when in fact, he is the shit. Hes actually sweet (sometimes) funny and intelligent and remembers literally all the lyrics to like every song. Kevin has quite the spectacular music taste and kevin also knows how to significantly change ones mood and make it better. Kevin also has nice eyes that you may find yourself staring into and you may find yourself falling for a kevin. Kevin is also a goofball its almost impossible to stay mad at him because of his clownlike ways. Kevin is also a nerd.
by Olibon November 23, 2016
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Kevin is someone who is great at keeping relationships. His dark brown hair makes people jealous. He is extremely funny and sarcastic. He is mean sometimes, but can be a sweetheart. His eyes are wonderful and beautiful to look into. His gentle touch is irresistible. Kevin has the most amazing voice in the world. He also smells like Heaven. He is sweet and alluring. He is someone who i have completely fallen in love with, and a lot of people like him. When he touches you, you melt and when he looks into your eyes, or even just looks at you, you fall even more madly in love with him. He is the most amazing guy in the universe and he is my soul mate.
Her: Hey, my boyfriend is like your Kevin.

Me: Yeah, i have the best Kevin in the world.
by kandj0529 March 25, 2012
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Extremely hot,has a huge dick.Kevin likes a girl but can't express his feelings to her.Also a pussy licker
Kevin hurry she's waiting.
by Chelsea153 March 16, 2017
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Someone who's always smiling no matter what the circumstances. Someone who never judges anyone. Someone whom is always there for you through thick and thin. A goofy, silly guy who loves cracking jokes at the most awkward, yet somehow appropriate, moments. A tall guy who looks like a greek god. The love of my life.
by EEKPWT June 16, 2011
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Kevin is an amazing, sweet, nice, kind, caring, loving, understanding, handsome, smart, funni guy. He is the best friend that anybody could have. I love him more than anything. He makes you smile, laugh, and happy. He is perfect in every way. He treats you right. He cares about you. He's the best boyfriend ever. He loves you for who you are. He is everything any girl could ask for in a guy. He can brighten anyone's day. He is wonderful. He can be sarcastic. He gets scared of things that aren't scary. He has a great sense of style and great hair. His smile is adorable, and his laugh is too. He smells great. His name means more to me then it would anyone else. Once you find a Kevin, never let him go.
Kevin is the best boyfriend ever! I love him more than anything!
by .Pepsi's.Lil.Rainbow.420. February 09, 2013
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