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A person who is a ghetto pretender, and a fob
Some one who is a mix of a nigger and a fob (fresh off the Boat).
Fogger #3 (avani): Do you think that Dev kid is a fogger?
Fogger #1 (onion): Ya!! Sunny tries to act so ghettoish, yet he has no idea that he is the biggest fogger.

Fogger #2 (Dev): Dammit everyone knows im a [email protected]!!!!
by hpiatteenl October 07, 2007
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I machine used to create the effects of fog. Helps show beams of stage lighting during concerts, and other events.
I just got a new high score in frogger...ah wait, nevermind.
by Im God so I know these things. October 27, 2003
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The act of having sex with a girl doggy-style while smoking a cigarette. When you're about to bust a nut tap girl on the shoulder blow smoke in her face and while blinded finish in her face.
Gabby loved to smoke during sex until I gave her the fogger.
by Spankymac November 30, 2006
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