1)A girl that has a very big sexual desire. She is loving and is usually cute. There a FEW problems though. She generally "friend zones" the boy(s) that are in love with her. These boys being some of the finest of men. Then after dating or being stagnant romantically, will then proceed to try and get the boy that she "friend zoned". With this said that boy being usually smart catches this act and calls her on it. And when this point is thrown in her face she becomes the biggest butch in the world
2)The same as definition one minus the "flaws".
Guy 1: man I asked Dovie out like six times last year, and all she did was push me farther from her. Now she has the nerve to tell me that I should date her instead of my girl. At least my girl ain't fucking such an idiot like Dovie.
Guy 2:Damn dude that fucking sucks maybe you should just side bitch it.
Guy 1:naw! She can go suck some other horse nuts
by SgtFish May 17, 2014
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