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to have a STD
She burnin, don't fuck her
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
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To smoke weed. As in Mary Jane, as in trees, as in grass, as in green.
From Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin":
Everyday, we be burnin not concernin what nobody wanna say
We be earnin dollars turning cau we mind deh pon we pay
some got gold and oil and diamonds all we got is mary j
legalize it, time to recgonize it
by Docta J October 19, 2005
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Military term used to describe the action a paratrooper smacking into the ground after their parachute fails to open.
Damn! Did you see Johnson burn in. He must’ve bounced 20 or 30 feet in the air when he hit.
by Trav September 27, 2004
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A Graf term, meanin' to write wit' other people and sharing the same panel at the same particular.
Me, spun and Alien are goin' down to Main Street and we gon be burnin' together.
by rQ_Tek519 December 18, 2004
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an occurance on CRTs that happens when an image is left on the screen for a long period of time. usually noted by said image remaining on the screen even after being powered off, as the image is permanently etched into the internal phosphor coating of the tube. Burn in usually occurs much faster on monochrome CRTs than on color CRTs as monochrome does not contain a shadow mask, thereby allowing the rays to directly strike the phosphor surface.
this old monitor has severe burn in.
by [c0x0r] June 23, 2005
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1)When some one is 'hittin' up a girl. 2) Or some one wants to go out with a girl. 3) or some one wants to have sex or do sexual things to a girl.
You burnin' that shit bro?
Yo man that chicks sexy, burn that?

Equivilant to: are you gonna dip that girl?
by Donatzz March 21, 2007
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