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A person in the audience of a movie theater who decides to go out the emergency exit way instead of through the lobby. Therefore causing bright light to appear in the movie theater which makes people (whose eyes are in pain from the sudden light) very annoyed, etc.
My eyes hurt so much because I just experienced a family of damn exiteers at the movie theater.
by Glasses 'n Neckties July 18, 2009

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Slang term for Christmas, usually used by people who dislike both the words X-Mas and Christmas.
Rosie's such a bitch...she openly called off my Chrissie present as a worthless toy!
by Glasses 'n Neckties July 14, 2009

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A person of the female sex who decides to give up on becoming a dress wearing lady to become a gentleman. The woman does not need to be genderqueer (or any other transgender label), or a lesbian of any kind to do this.
I saw Laura and her girlfriend at the dance last night, and she's become such a gentlefem. Laura was there treating the ladies better than the actual gentlemen!
by Glasses 'n Neckties August 02, 2009

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